January 27-28, 2016

…Kenny brought us back to the gas station on the New Mexico part of town in the afternoon. We left to walk to Clovis and made it to a truck gas station restaurant that night. We had to power walk because the sun setting fast. After eating there we continued further into Clovis and got a night stay at an inn. The next day we walked by a Thai restaurant that we felt lead to go to and met one of the employees there named April. She was a Christian and was so excited for what God was doing. She bought us our lunch and invited us to her church’s service they were having tomorrow. We left the restaurant and went to a coffee shop to read the bible and rest for the day. While we were there Jonathan met a politician in the bathroom who was running for congress in New Mexico named Steve McFall. He was a follower of Jesus and he had an amazing story of how God brought him from a life of poverty, physically and spiritually to where he is now a running candidate for congress from New Mexico. He was getting ready for a public debate being held beside the coffee shop with two other politicians and we had the opportunity to pray for him beforehand. It was an honor. While the debate was going on we got to talk with his mother who was waiting outside the debate room with Steve’s baby ¬†granddaughter. After the debate and when the coffee shop closed we left and was not sure on where we were going to stay. We tried the IHOP next door, but it did not work out and then a Walmart, but when we got there they were closed! Eventually after trying a lot of different places to camp and nothing seeming to work we decided to try an inn and they gave us discounted rate. We went to bed around 3 in the morning that night. God has been so good though! Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we want God to provide for us in the timing we want it to be, but God gives what we need at the right timing. It may not be what we want but it is always enough to be grateful to him no matter what he provides Turns out the guy at the front desk needed prayer and he was really encouraged. It was such a late shift where people hardly come to get a room and we ended up there to show Jesus’ love for him. God’s timing is good!

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