January 27, 2014

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Another cold night last night but not as bad as the gas station night. We woke up and got out of our tents like wild Jesus cave men and ate some honey oats and granola bars. We then started packing, but it took a while and we were running late. We were about to leave when Trevor had to go to the bathroom and the toilet paper was already deep in my backpack. There was a baseball field though with a bathroom. So Trevor made his way up to the bathrooms. Unfortunately they were closed and on his way he fell in a creek, but just his shoes got wet. Because it was getting dark and we had no place to stay for the night, we decided to walk as much as there was light out Trevor’s feet would most likely freeze off if we didn’t find a place before sunset. We found a camp site not too far away, but we tried calling places before we set up because it was supposed to get really cold that night. Our efforts failed, so we had no choice but to camp. Thank God we got a fire going and Trevor got to dry off his shoes, praise God! It was very toasty so we cooked Alfredo over the fire and had tea. Some firemen showed up and asked us what we were doing and we told them. They told us not to leave the fire unattended and left. Afterwards we put the fire out and went to bed.

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