January 26, 2014

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This morning we had the privilege attending The Cove Presbyterian Church in Covesville. Before the service, we got to meet the pastor and others that came in the building for choir practice. The church introduced us during the beginning of the service and they invited us to lunch in the building next to the church. Lunch was like thanksgiving all over again. There was so much food they blessed our stomachs with. They also invited us to speak during their congregation meeting and gave us a good amount of money. We met and talked to a lot of cool people and they were a huge encouragement. After lunch was over, we got our stuff and left. We walked a short distance because it was Sunday, our day of rest. We found a field to camp at for the night and got to eat our MREs. It was Jeffery’s and my first time eating an MRE and it was awesome. Felt like I was in the marines or something. After dinner we got warm in our sleeping bags and drifted off into a deep sleep.

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