January 25, 2014

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Today we did not expect to awake to a feast. A lady who attends the church we stayed at wanted to make us breakfast. So, Jimmy and Grandma Page came early and made us pancakes and sausage. She also got us milk and hot chocolate. She was a real sweet lady. We got to talk with Grandma Page and Jimmy while we ate. After they left we went to read our bibles and spend time with God in the chapel. Jeffery went to the bathroom before we inside the chapel, so Trevor and I, being weird decided to stand right in front of the chapel door and surprise Jeffery. When the chapel door opened it wasn’t Jeffery….it was a random lady, and she screamed. We thought she was going to have a heart attack, thank God she did not. After apologizing a lot we all had a good laugh about it. Her name was Georgia and she was not expecting two crazy men in the chapel and we were not expecting her. Anyway, she was the church cleaner or decorator. So we got to introduce ourselves to her and told why we were in the church. After she left we started reading and eventually took a bible nap. Jimmy came back and we talked with him for a while. He said that he would try and find a place for us tonight and told us to head towards a baptist church not too far down the road. That church did not work out so we kept heading down further till we came to a Presbyterian church called The Cove. We tried calling the church but, the number did not exist any longer, but we still went to the church to see if anyone was there. There was no one. So, we called Jimmy and thankfully the pastor’s husband of Jimmy’s church goes to the The Cove. The pastor’s husband got in contact with Walter, a member of The Cove church, and Walter let us stay in a building beside the church. Walter also gave us turkey soup and told us his testimony and it was a good one. So, we ate soup and after we rested for a while, we went to bed. God bless you, Jimmy, Grandma Page, and Walter! The Lord is so faithful!

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