January 24, 2014

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Last night was one of the coldest nights ever. It was really hard for all of us to sleep, but we were still warm enough to survive. It was just a little chilly. Right when we got out of our tents we ran into the gas station and that felt a lot better. So, we stayed in the gas station and ate breakfast which got paid for. Christy, the other manager paid for our breakfast and took the time to look for places to stay that night. The people at this gas station were one of the nicest people on this trip so far. Also, a customer we talked to in the gas station paid for our lunch as well. We then started to pack our tents and what not. After we were done packing, Christy told us that she was waiting on a response back for a place tonight. So, we waited for a while and they eventually got in contact with a guy named Jimmy. He is a deacon of Morlin Baptist Church a little ways down from the Gas station. Jimmy then took us to the Church. Jimmy is a cow farmer, and we got to talk and pray with him for a while. The pastor and her husband came later and we had the honor to meet them. They let us sleep in the Chapel and after everyone left we worked on trip stuff. After that we went to bed. God provided it all!

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