January 23 - February 2, 2016

….Peter dropped us back off at the Pizza Hut he picked us up from a few days ago. We then walked from Barstow past a small town called Lenwood. We continued along until we came to Victorville which was about 37 miles away from Barstow. We called ahead to a church in town called the High Desert Church. They let stay in one of their buildings for a night where they also had showers for us to clean up. Jesse, one of the maintenance workers for the church, his wife, and his best friend took us out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town. We had a blast fellowshipping with some awesome fellow believers. They were hilarious! The next day we left early and went to a Starbucks to read our bibles. There we met Bob who was also a Christian and we got to talking to him about his life. God really gave us words to encourage him. He was going through a rough time and we had the privilege to pray for him before leaving. He greatly appreciated it. As we continued on we got to talk to a few other people about Jesus and it was awesome to see God bring smiles to their faces. Since it was getting really late we didn’t get to make it out of town in time. Cool thing was during sunset when we were walking to get out of town, we both felt like we should ask a random tax return business if we could camp on their property. We did not know where else to camp because it was a big town. The owner Ronald without question gave us permission. He too was an inspired hiker. One of his goals is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a hiking trail running from Mexico to Canada. He let us camp out back behind the building. For dinner he surprised us with a pizza and while we ate we got to talk with him more. He really enjoys working at his business and he is the proud father of four kids. It was an awesome opportunity to get to know Ronald and his heart….

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