January 23-26, 2016

…Jeremy’s mother cooked us a good breakfast to start the day and we got to spend some time with them over the meal. Jeremy dropped us off back at the rest area in town. We managed to stroll our way about halfway to Muleshoe and camp for the night. Muleshoe was not too far of a journey the following day and we managed to get there early and hang around at a McDonald’s. We had a bible study since it was Sunday and we came to town too late to attend a service. In the evening a kind man paid for a night’s stay at an Inn in town. From Muleshoe, Texas we made it to Farwell, about a 20 mile journey. Farwell was the last town before you would cross the border into Texico, New Mexico! And we managed to cross it! It was late in the evening when we crossed the border and ended up going to a Stripes gas station to eat. We were unsure of where to stay until we met Kenny, a fellow believer and a single father. We prayed with him and he took us to stay at a trailer he owned for the night. We spent time with him and his son KJ into the late night. Kenny owned a home repair business and was a single father. He was quite the hero! He let us have the trailer to ourselves and left after we were situated. Just want to thank everyone for being a part of the journey through Texas! You guys have really helped us grow in the Lord and ministering through such a vast big state! Couldn’t have done it with out your guys support! Love y’all!

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  • Nikki Freeland says:

    Loving your stories and so glad things went well with going through the state of Texas.
    Praying for you both and your journey. Blessings, Nikki

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