January 22-26, 2016

…Peter and Dixie brought us to the First Baptist church in Barstow, California Sunday morning. Dixie cooked us up a hearty breakfast before going. We joined them for their church’s bible study before the actual service and we got to share what we were doing with the group. They were inspired about where and what God has brought us through these past three years. They were all very uplifting and encouraging to us and It was nice to be in such a solid fellowship. It was something we have not experienced in a while. The actual service was great as well and we got to meet some more friendly faces. Peter and Dixie brought us back to their home and let us do our laundry and enjoy the Sunday afternoon. We ended up staying with them about three more days because it was actually raining and flash flooding around different spots in the Southern California area. It rained for a couple of days and apparently California was already going over their yearly precipation rain fall. It was good though because they were going through a drought for a long time. During our time therePeter took us in his 1954 Ford Silveliner to Barstow to get some groceries. We took that car out for a couple joy rides around different areas in Barstow. Dixie kept feeding us solid meals so we were quite satisfied. Dixie was also a nurse so she had to work two of the days we stayed there. Getting to know Peter during that time was an adventure. He had quite the interesting stories. He was in a plane crash and a ship wreck. The plane wreck was in Libya while he was doing some missionary work there with Dixie and he was flying the airplane. Another was when he was crab fishing in Alaska. There was a book about crab fishing’s dangerous environments and he was in a chapter of it. It told the story of the shipwreck and how he and all the crew survived. We got to read it and it was amazing. The final evening we stayed, Peter made a fire by the lake and we enjoyed each others company. Dixie came back that afternoon so we were able to see her before leaving. The next day we finally set off. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but we will see them again some other day. They have become family to us and it was very refreshing and encouraging to spend some time with them. They were both were such humble godly servants. They both shine brightly for God. Thank you Peter and Dixie!

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