January 22-25, 2015: New Friends and Good Meal

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…Today we were beat, so we took a day just to rest after the long two days of intense walking. We stretched out our legs and took a nap or two. The following day we made an effort to work on the blog and other necessities we needed to get done. Then the following day we found a young adults service at a church called Grace Community Church, where we met some of the church leaders, Joe and Justin, along with other fellow young adults. They had a great service and that night that was actually their first service for that age group. The Spirit really spoke and moved within the worship and the sermon. Afterwards Joe and Justin invited us to spend the night at their apartment and invited some friends to come over. We spent the rest of the night telling our stories and getting to know Joe and his buddies….

…The next day was Sunday and we were invited by Joe to go to Grace Community Church. The church was very encouraging and engaging for the presence of God during worship. The pastor Steve had a great message on how to spread the gospel and he also looked like Mel Gibson. It was great community of fellowship and we enjoyed it. After church Joe’s friend Mary, whom we met last night at Joe and Justin’s apartment, wanted to cook us a authentic Mexican meal because she really enjoys cooking for people and it was very, very good. We hung out a long while before realizing it was getting pretty late to walk. It was a long story but Mary found a family that would take us in for a night from her church. The Tibboel family took us in and were such a fun blessing to us. They were really accepting to have us for the night at such a last minute notice, which was awesome!

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