January 22, 2016

…As we continued our last moments in Texas we ran into some awesome opportunities that the Lord gave us. On one of the day’s walking from Lovefield to Muleshoe, Texas, we set up camp right outside from a small town called Sudan, several feet away from the road. We were lounging in our tents getting warm when a police men, who was excited to hear what we’re doing and was a Christian, told us it would be dangerous to camp out where we were because of weekend drunk driving. He told us that we could camp out at a rest area in town though. So we packed our tents and walked for about an hour to an hour and half to the rest area. When we arrived some high school students coming from a some kind of sport game pulled up and asked us what we were doing and then left to get us hot chocolate. They returned and two other cars showed up and we talked to a few more students than before. Then before we knew it there was a pretty decent crowd. We got to share what God put on our hearts and answer their questions. It was encouraging to see the students wanting the Lord and being excited with what God was doing. Everyone left after we prayed and we enjoyed the hot cocoa. Just when we were going to set up the tents one of the students came back and offered us to spend the night at his house (with his mom’s consent of course). His name was Jeremy and he was all about Jesus. We stuffed our strollers in his car and the house was just right down the road. They gave us a nice bed to stay in for the night. Even though we were a little bummed to pack our tents and walk in the cold night God worked out something that was so much more than what we could have expected or ever thought of! He knows the plans he has for us all!

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