January 22, 2014

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We woke up today at the Cornerstone church in Charlottesville and started packing. After packing we read our bibles. Tony told us that there was going to be a prayer meeting around 9:15 that morning, so we made sure that our gear was out of the way. While we were doing our morning reading one of the guys for the meeting showed up early. His name was Steve and he’s awesome. Tony also showed up shortly after and got us muffins, donuts, and orange juice.. We got to talk to the guys for a while until the last person showed up, Tucker. All these church folk were super cool and super fresh men of God and there church is super awesome. They invited us to pray with them for their church. They also prayed for us. After we left we went to 5 Below and got some nice tripod chairs for sitting while we are on the road. From 5 Below we walked towards Charlottesville and met a guy named Joseph. Joseph was having a pretty rough day; he did not have a home or any money, and did not have a family. His parents died when he was young and now he only has a brother and a step mother. He said that he thought about suicide all the time. We then told him about Jesus and he really wanted to know him. So, he asked him into his heart and he was all in! Jesus totally lifted the darkness and heaviness off of him and Joseph even told us that everything was a lot lighter. He was so happy! We also got him connected to the Cornerstone church we stayed at the previous night. He had to be somewhere and we had to get to Charlottesville, so we said our goodbyes and departed from there. We made our way into Charlottesville, and came to the University of Virginia Campus. We tried calling churches in the area but none worked. Finally we found out that there was a bible study going on at the campus. We found the building and met one of the leaders of the bible study. His name was Andrew and he invited us to join. I think it was the first bible study of the semester. At the bible study they fed us and we got to talk with a lot of Christian college students there. Andrew then invited us to stay at his house with his three roommates. So, we got to stay with Andrew and his three roommates; Jonah, Tim, and David. They were all super cool people and Godly men. They taught and had a lot of insight about the bible and gave us each a New Testament Study Bible. After talking a while longer, we went to bed.

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