January 21, 2015: Long Distances

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….The next town we ran into was Greenville, TX. It was a pretty crazy time walking to the town. Rain started early in the morning and thankfully we were inside a garage, sheltered from the elements. We threw on our rain gear and started walking. Not only was it raining but it was also colder than the previous warm days of walking. Our gloves were not really waterproof and were soaked in the rain, and we thought the town was only 10 miles, but it was actually 16 miles. But, through it all the Lord was good even in our suffering because it brought about perseverance in Christ Jesus. It made us stronger in him! We finally got into town and found a new cafe that just opened to eat at. We were pretty hungry because we had no breakfast and we made it into town in the late afternoon, but God provided the cafe with a bunch of really nice employees. We also got to meet a really cool brother in the faith who has been on a lot of mission trips to Mexico with his family. He was really encouraging to us. The cafe was closing down so we ended up going to a pub down the street. The lady there was real sweet and was super excited about our story. We were there until late evening and then manage to find energy to walk to a motel about 2 miles down the road since there was no where to really camp in such a large town. The owner of the motel gave us a discount for a night’s stay. By the end of the night we realized we had walked about 18 miles for the day and the previous day we walked about 16 miles. A total of 34 miles in two days! That is probably the longest distance we have traveled in two days straight. We were pretty exhausted! It was all thanks to God and relying on his strength to get us at such a distance. The jogging strollers also really helped keep the weight off our backs since we put our backpacks in them now. So, right when we got in the room we passed out…

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