January 21, 2014

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In the morning we took showers and read our bibles. The pastor of Maple Grove came by and bought us bagels, fruit, and orange juice. He was a great guy and has such a Godly presence about him. He prayed for us and when he did God really spoke. After the pastor left and we had our breakfast, it was packing time. It was snowing when we left the church and we walked about 5 miles to Chikfila. We ate lunch there and rested a bit. We were unsure where we were going to stay because it was going to be a cold, snowy night, but Trevor’s father Gary called a local church while we were eating. God is good! The church pastor, Tony came to pick us up shortly after. His Church is called Cornerstone and they are located near Charlottesville. When we got to the church he showed us around and he had to leave shortly after because of work. Tony was an awesome, down to earth guy and he offered us breakfast in the morning. After we drank some coffee and worked on trip material, we went to sleep shortly after.

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