January 20, 2014

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Today we woke up and Trevor made us some good coffee. We read our bibles and talked about each others testimonies. We learned a lot about one another and it brought us closer together as a group. Afterwards we had breakfast and communion. We packed our clothes and left a little while after. It was a beautiful day and the temperature rose to about 50, which is pretty stinking good. Eventually we ended up at Maple Grove Church in Charlottesville. The janitor of the church was working outside when we arrived and we asked if the church would let us stay the night. His name was Bill and he tried to get a hold of the pastor for us. The Lord worked out everything and Bill let us stay at a house next to the church. Bill also asked if we would speak at their missionary meeting later and we agreed to. When we got everything situated in the house we left and went to a pizza restaurant called Christians. We ate dinner there and came back to the church for the meeting. We spoke at the meeting about our mission and it really inspired the group. They prayed for us and afterwards we went back to the house. We got inside, worked on a good chunk of trip stuff, and then went to bed. God bless Bill for being so kind and letting us stay at the church house! God provides everyday, whether having a place or not!

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