January 2-6, 2017

…The beginnings of the new year started with drying Trevor’s laundry. He had put his clothes in a trash bag and filled it with water with a little drop of cologne to let it soak. He later hung it up on his stroller to air dry. His idea actually worked pretty good! We continued walking the next several days. One fellow named Mark stopped by a couple of times and gave us a restock of food. He also gave us a pot to cook on our camp stove. So we were able for a few nights heat up some canned food, like beans, ramen, canned salmon, and some freeze dried meals. We really enjoyed it, and we had just enough to make it to the next gas station called Roy’s Gasoline in Amboy, California. They let us camp out there for a couple of nights. One of the days we were hiking we stopped to film one of Trevor’s songs he wrote on the road called “Love in my Stance.” We hopefully want to upload it at some point and show you guys. God has been amazing this past week. He has faithfully provided our needs with food and meeting people randomly in the middle of no where in the desert. One of these people was a man who was walking all of Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monaco. We got to share our stories and journeys with each other briefly! It was inspiring! Jesus is so good and thank you for all the prayers!

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