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Today we woke up around 6 and started to pack our gear. Monica cooked us delicious quesadillas for breakfast. Kathy also came over and we talked for a while. We also spent a nice time reading the Bible together. After we started walking we realized that Jeffery, the one who will joining us within the week, mom’s house was along the route. Along the way a women drove by and gave us some money and she stopped again a while later down the road and gave us a bag of Dorritos. Further down the road another lady blessed us with some tofu and rice for lunch. It took us about 3 hours to get to the house. When we arrived Mark, Jeffery’s little brother, helped bring our gear in. We got to talk with them for a long time and they are just awesome people and are so passionate about God and they loved what we are doing. Jeffery came over a short time later and toke us out to get a few more things for the trip. Denise, Jeffery’s mom, made us some great French soup for dinner.  They were a huge blessing to us and just a moment ago they made our beds!

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