January 19, 2014

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Today we all woke up and took showers for church. We were able to find a local one not even a mile away. It is called the Blueridge Community Church. They were very welcoming people and the service was really good and very thought provoking. We met a lot of people and told them what we were doing. Three guys prayed for us and encouraged us about the trip. One of the church member’s, Hannah, felt lead to invite us to their house lunch. She told us her address and that her husband Evan would have soup prepared for us when we arrive. Their house was about a 2 mile walk and when we got to the house Evan invited us in for some homemade chicken soup. Evan was an awesome, honest, real guy and is a photographer. So, we hung out with him for a while .He gave Trevor a pair of gloves because he lost his other pair earlier on the trip. Evan’s friend Nate came over to make us peanut butter cookies and he is a really good baker. Nate was one of the three guys who prayed for us at the church service earlier that morning. Evan and Hannah also gave us some other small foods to munch on for the trip. Evan called the grounds keeper of the church Craig, to see if we could sleep in the youth hall over night. Craig said yes. Nate and Evan offered to take us back but, we declined because the chariot was too big to fit in the car. We took a short cut back instead of the long way to cut time. The short cut had a steep hill to go down through and it was pretty tough with the chariot, but it was hardcore. We got to the youth hall and Craig was waiting there for us. Craig was very kind and hospitable to us. He showed us the youth hall which had showers and we could help ourselves to some coffee. It was an honor meeting Craig and he has been the grounds keeper of the property for a long time. He also served the army in the late sixties. After Craig left, we took it easy and rested in God’s presence.

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