January 17, 2014

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This morning we woke up at an Sheetz gas station in Ruckersville. Trevor did not have such a good sleep because his sleeping bag got wet. The condensation of water within the tent got his bag a little soaked and it was cold. For breakfast we went and got coffee and some hot cake sandwiches. We also spent some time in the Bible. After breakfast we packed our bags, ate lunch, and went to a Food Lion supermarket. Trevor felt lead to preach the gospel there. A,guy named Chuck offered us some lunch, but unfortunately we already ate. He prayed for us though and told us if we needed anything that we could stop where he works, which is at a auto parts store. We also talked to a few more people and prayed for a women that had heart and some life problems. The Holy Spirit really moved and she was freed from many strong holds. We continued into the Food Lion and preached the gospel. Trevor was a little nervous at first but with some encouragement he spoke. After preaching we left and started to walk towards Charlottesville. Along the way we met a guy named Hugh and he felt lead to buy us some lunch but, we ate earlier. So, we talked with him for a while and he eventually offered us to stay at his church. His families house was right beside the church building. The church and house were about a miles walk from where we were. When we got to the place, Hugh introduced us to his family and his dad, Chris. Chris is part of the church’s youth ministry and is in charge of a youth camp close by. They built a fire for us and provided some grilled burgers that they cooked over the fire. A truck driver who sleeps at the back of the church every weekend pulled in that night and hung out with us by the fire. His name is Steve and he was quite the godly man. At first we were not allowed to stay in the church because no one could get a hold of the pastor. But, thank God Steve was there. Steve spent the night in the church with us and since he is a church member we were allowed to stay inside the building. Hugh and his whole family were awesome people and very hospitable. Steve was just a fun and a really encouraging guy. When we got inside the church we set out our sleeping gear and talked with Steve for a while. After a good talk we went to bed.

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