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In the morning we woke up and took some nice long showers. It is something that is taken for granted and I think I am much more grateful for showers now. Anyway, after some super showers we got ready and checked out of the motel. There was a subway that was conveniently right next to the motel, and for some reason Trevor is always drawn to eating at subways. God really does love Trevor! So breakfast was at subway. We spent most of our day at there just working on the blog, reading the Bible, pictures, and where we were going next. Around sunset we left and after about two miles of walking we set up camp at yet another Sheetz because it was getting dark. God bless Sheetz!

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  • Jenese says:

    It’s SO fun to read your journey and see the favor and blessing. God is SO MUCH FUN!! Love you guys and TREK ON!! MANY BLESSINGS! Jenese & Wayne

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