January 16-17, 2015: First Days Back on the Road

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…Stacey the next day dropped us off at Mt. Vernon, TX where we got picked up to go home for the holidays. Dan and Stacey were such a huge blessing to us by providing everything we needed to start this next part of the trip. God bless them. While we were getting our jogging strollers out of the van and preparing to walk to Saltillo, the next town, a man came to talk to us. His name was Billy and he was curious about what we were doing. After talking a little bit he invited us to lunch and we got to meet his wife Gram and granddaughter Bri. After lunch he gave us his number and told us to give him a call if we needed a place to stay.  We began to walk towards Dallas and made it to the small town of Saltillo, TX. Their was a small post office where we decided to call and meet Billy to pick us up. He came and took us back to his house for the night. Billy was a volunteer firefighter and was the chief officer for the station. When we got to his house we ate dinner and got to spend the night talking and playing card games. His wife Gram made us a bed up in the loft for us to sleep on…

…The following morning Billy and Gram made us breakfast. We got to take showers before Billy dropped us back off at Saltillo. They were a very compassionate family and we were blessed to spend time with them. We definitely felt welcome at their home. Today we walked from Saltillo to about halfway to Sulphur Springs, TX. We found a place to set up our tents on a median that divided the service road from the main highway. It was a big median, so we had plenty of room and trees to give us cover. It was the first night that Jonathan used his new tent, so it was pretty exciting. After we set up our tents we called our families and went to bed…

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