January 15-21, 2016

…We were able to meet Malissa’s husband and pray for where God was leading them this next season of life. They were such a cool family to talk to. We left the KOA campground in the afternoon and manage to walk to the next town, Shallowwater, Texas and found a camping spot next to a Dollar General store. The following days consisted of walking and camping with people pulling over to give us food and supplies when we would stop to camp on the side of the road. They were a blessing. The nights were a bit cold, but we were able to keep warm in our sleeping bags. One night we were able to make some hot chocolate, a nice treat that gave us warmth for a chilly night.  We passed a couple small towns along the way until we came to a larger town called Littlefield where we called ahead to a Best Western in town. They gave us a really generous rate for two nights. We were able to do our laundry, take a much needed bath and catch up on blogging! It is always awesome to see how God provides in long stretches where we have nothing but our tents to keep us sheltered. He gives us the strength to persevere and the joy to enjoy the small things like a spoonful of peanut butter for breakfast to a person honking and waving as they pass by. He holds us together in his faithfulness…

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