January 15-21, 2017

We continued our way into a town called Newberry Springs. On our way there, Matt who stopped by a few days ago came and brought us some food to heat up for dinner. He wanted to see if we were alright because it was raining these past few days. We got to talk with him for a good while. From there we continued on further to a camping spot among some solid volcanic rock. We camped out there for two days to rest up. The next few days we walked into a very small town called Newberry Springs, California. There was an old Route 66 Cafe up and running called the Bagdad Cafe. We treated ourselves with a good dinner. They also let us camp out behind their building. In the morning the manager, Gilbert cooked us a breakfast free of charge before leaving. It filled us up pretty good and it was nice to have after packing our tents in the rain. During the walk that day a guy named Peter stopped by and asked what we were doing. Right away we could tell that Peter was a Christian through the way he smiled and talked with us. Funny thing was that he attends the church we were going to in Barstow, California that Sunday. We prayed together before we parted ways. We got into Barstow Saturday and made our way to the church to see if anybody was there. Unfortunately there was no one, so we went to a Mexican restaurant down the road. It was getting late and we were having trouble finding a place to lay our heads. Our phones were also dead and we were in the middle of the city. So we prayed and felt God leading us to go to Pizza Hut where we only had enough money to get two water bottles, so that we would not be loitering on the property. There were outlets so we charged our phones. Once our phones came on, Trevor’s phone got a call from Peter, whom we met earlier, and he invited us to spend the night at his house! About a half hour later he came and took us back to his place. His wife Dixie, fed us some muffins and hot chocolate before we went to bed. God always seems to work things out!

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