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We woke up around 10 because we went to bed late the previous night. God blessed us with a beautiful morning and because it was so sunny we set out our stuff to dry out. Trevor’s tent got dried out pretty good from the previous days rain. Since we camped beside a Sheetz gas station we ate breakfast there. After breakfast we all packed and left. We thought that this days journey would only be a few miles, but God lead us on a much longer trek. We ended up in Ruckersville, VA at a Walmart. We sat on some benches in front of the mall to rest. There we prayed for a lady that had spine issues and she was partially paralyzed. There was no Immediate healing but we knew that God moved and planted a seed in her. While we were there we stocked up on some food and went to McDonald’s for some late dinner. We were super exhausted and needed rest. The closest Inn was about 4 miles and we were just too tired to even go that far. At McDonalds we asked an employee at the counter where the closest inn was at and there was actually one about a 5 minutes walk away. I guess it did not show up on the IPhone. So, we traveled a little further up the road and there was an motel! The manager pulled in while we were walking towards the motel and asked us if we needed a room. Apparently the managers were not there before we arrived because it was closed, but they forgot something at the motel. So, they came back just as we were arriving! Praise God! We also did not have enough money, but the manager paid the half that we did not have! Again praise God! When we got into the motel room we went straight to sleep.

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