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It was a very windy and rainy night yet we were pretty warm in our
tents. We got to get a good long nights rest, about an 11 hour sleep. We woke up and read our bibles for a while. After reading we arose out of our tents and started packing. While we were packing it started to rain. Some of our stuff got pretty wet, especially Trevor’s tent. But, we still praised God anyways because it could have been a lot worse and we were blessed to have rain gear to protect us. It rained for a while and Trevor’s hands were getting pretty cold, to the point of his finger tips getting purple. We prayed over his hands and slowly but surely, through out the day Jesus healed his finger tips completely. We eventually got to Madison, VA and Bo stopped to talk to us and see how we were doing. He told us that there was a Seven Eleven up ahead. Bo said that he would talk to the manager at the gas station to help find us a place to stay. When we got to Seven Eleven Bo bought us food and we got to meet the gas station manager, but we still didn’t have a place. While we were there though we got to pray for a man and his daughter. Eventually we left and along the way we felt lead to go to a High School that was in the area. We went into the school and a couple of 9th grade girls let us sit in the cafeteria. Also, we got to met some of the school staff and talk with them. We had to leave suddenly though because we felt God telling us to. God then lead us to a shopping strip where we waited on him to provide us a place. After waiting for a while we eventually started to look for a place to camp since it was getting really late. While walking around the strip we saw a police officer and talked to him. We were hoping he would let us stay at the police station, but there wasn’t enough room. He was really helpful though and suggested that we try asking a local Sheetz gas station a mile away about camping on their property. The officer said that he would let the manager know that we were coming. They were expecting us when we arrived and they let us set up camp beside the gas station. They also let us have coffee and drinks! After we set up camp and got situated in our sleeping bags we passed out. Praise God for leading us to Sheetz!

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