January 14-15, 2015: Airport Slumber Party!

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…Our flight was delayed to a more later time the evening we left Pennsylvania to go back to Texas. So when we arrived it was about 3 in the morning. We had contacted Buck and Stacey a little late so it was hard for them to come and pick us up at the airport, but Stacey offered to pick us up in the morning, so we slept at the airport. It was pretty comfy actually, we laid out our sleeping mats and sleeping bags and slept on the floor. We did wake up with people walking by to get to their flights though, which was probably interesting for them seeing us sprawled out on the ground sleeping. Stacey picked us up and took us back to her house for lunch. We then got to get ourselves prepared for the next part of our journey, making sure our gear was in order and ready for tomorrow’s walk. Stacey took us to a bike store to get our jogging stroller tires pumped up. We then had dinner and afterwards had a good time of fellowship with their family when Buck and the boys got back from school and work…

…The following morning we decided to stay yet another day, because Trevor was having a sore throat and we also realized we needed to get a few more accessories for the trip. Stacey offered to drive us to Bass Pro Shop where Jonathan got a two person tent for himself (the other tent was Jeffrey’s) and an insulated camel bak to keep his water cooler in hot weather and warm in cold weather. We also went to target to get a few more little things. Then we came back and worked a little bit on the blog before dinner. We then hung out with the family, played call of duty with Dan and Stacey’s kids, and watched the tv show Shark Tank until we went to bed….

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