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We arose at about 7:30 and took showers. We decided to have church at the Inn, so we had some worship time with Jesus. Afterwards we packed the gear and left It took us a while because we were coming up with a new way to pack The Chariot and we were getting rid of some things to make our load lighter. Our next stop was at Raven’s Nest. There someone blessed us with free coffee. That night we got a place to stay at. Michelle, a lady who was working at the cafe the day before, offered us to stay at her house for the night. So, after we left the cafe we went on our way to her house. Along the way we stopped at a KFC and talked to a few people there. They were really excited about us coming there and one of the employee’s toke a photo with us. We got to Michelle’s house and she had dinner ready for us. It was really cool meeting her family and they were a huge blessing to us. After we read we got to read a bit and then go to bed.

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