January 12-14, 2017

…The following day we continued forth to Ludlow, where there was supposedly a motel, which means there must also be a shower!! On the journey to Ludlow we met a few people who gave us some very healthy provisions. One couple stopped by and gave us cranberries, bananas, potatoes, and a jalepaneo. As we continued on some railroad workers stopped by and gave us some more water. These guys have seen us since the beginning of Arizona. And yet one more person stopped to give us some oranges. He was an elderly man named Bill, who was driving from Oregon to Arizona to sell a couple boxes full of fresh oranges. He told us a lot about the oranges and gave us a huge bag of them. They lasted us about a week!  The next day we made it to Ludlow. The only places there were a Chevron gas station, a cafe, and a motel. All three things were definitely good after walking through the Mojave Desert! It was raining all day and since Trevor lost his rain jacket he got pretty cold. So we quickly went inside and got a room for the night. Jonathan had a pair of walking boots waiting for him that his mom mailed to the Chevron. They held them there for a couple of days until we arrived. One of the first things we did was take a shower. It has been about three weeks since we last took one and it was much needed. Since there was no laundry machine Jonathan ended up washing his clothes in the shower with some soap and hung them up throughout the room to dry. We headed out the next day and restocked on some food and water in which the Chevron gave us an employee discount to save some money. A lot of people were curious about what we were doing and gave us extra money for the food! Someone randomly gave us a pizza and some sodas to eat as well. We walked a short distance out of town and camped out that night…

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