January 11-14, 2016

…We left tent city in the morning and got to meet up with Reyna and her father for the last time. They were so helpful and encouraging to us during most of our time in Lubbock! The next couple of days we stayed in town to make sure our gear was ready and we had enough food for the next stretch of the trip. A little ways outside the city of Lubbock, towards the evening, we came across a KOA site which means “Kampgrounds of America.” (K instead of C was how they spelled it). We felt impressed to go instead of continuing to the other campground that we were going to set up beside the road. Turns out the front desk lady, Malissa, was a fellow believer. She was encouraged by us and we were a kind of sign of conformation for her to obey what Jesus was putting on her heart for her and her family, to give up everything for the gospel. We were able to stay on one of campsites for a cheap price. While we were setting up our tents she came out and gave us keys to the small cabin right next to where we were so we could stay warm for the night. She also gave us food to eat. You just never know how much you can inspire others in their walk with God when you step out in faith and obey him in whatever he tells you to do!

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