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We woke up in the morning and left the hotel, Lord Culpeper and went to a local diner. After we ate breakfast at the Frost Diner we went to go find another Inn that we could stay for the night .With God’s help we found a really nice place called Suites 249. Shortly after we settled in we left the Inn and took a little walk around Culpeper. We sat and read the Bible and went to a cafe called Raven’s Nest. During our time at the cafe we got to talk more as a group and got to know each other better. The lady who was working at the cafe was the wife of a pastor who ran a local church in Culpeper and offered us a place to stay. Her name was Michelle and she was a very sweet and kind lady. That evening when we went back to the Inn, the Spirit of God lead us to a Spanish church that was right next to the Inn . The service was powerful and apparently we were an answer to prayer. The pastor told us that that morning he felt God tell him that they will have a Spanish interpreter to translate the church’s sermons in English. So we were a blessing from God! It was amazing. After the church service was over we talked to some people, they gave us some food, and went back to the Inn. When we returned to the inn we worked on a few more Trip things.Then we went to bed fully resting and relying in God and his Faithfulness!

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