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We woke up at Bo’s apartment early around 4:45. Bo had to leave early for work so we prayed for him on the way out. Guy let us use his truck to drive to the location where Bo picked us up before. For breakfast we went to The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) and ate some delicious morning food items. God lead us to pray over the restaurant before we left. After breakfast we went down to Target to get some coffee and work on some more trip stuff. All of us are trying to get into the swing of things with Jeffery since he is new to the group so we have not been walking as much. Jason, the son in law of Debe and Jeff whom we stayed with on Sunday works at Target and he came in early for his shift. His name is Jason and he is a pretty narly fellow. Jason and his wife have their own antique furniture design business called 31:3. Check it out, they make furniture look antique and they add a creative twist to make the it look awesome. They also create a bunch of other unique and creative things. You guys just got to check them out! Their names are Jason and Rachel Ricci and they live in Culpeper Virginia. So we hung out with Jason for a good five hours at Target just you know, talking. He is one of the most chill creative guys I know. After relaxing with Jason we went to go look for a place to stay. Trusting in God, we left Target and let the Lord tell us where to go. We felt God leading us to go to Tropical Smoothie and we did. A guy who was in the parking lot of Tropical Smoothie gave us money to buy a meal, and we got to meet two awesome employees who were working there. At nine we had to leave and we started looking for an Inn. Thankfully we found one going further into Culpeper. When we got situated in the hotel room, we prayed for the place for about thirty minutes. After prayer we went to bed in the presence of the Lord’s peace. Hallelujah!

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