January 1 2014 (By Jonathan Stoltzfus)

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We had a great new year with our family and friends. During New Year’s Eve we got prayed over by everyone. A bunch of people also blessed us with money. After New Years around two o’ clock we had an awesome prayer and worship time. During New Year’s Day we met with Jeffery who is going to join the trip really soon. He showed us the equipment he bought and we are pretty excited for him to join us. He is so passionate and hungry for more of Jesus and a great friend. We then went to go see The Hobbit with my sister and Trevor. After the movie we went home and spent a little while longer with my family before we said our goodbyes. It was sad but also refreshing to know that we could leave on a good note. God totally blessed us during our time here and we can leave with a peace of mind.

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