February 9, 2014

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In the morning Becky made us some delicious egg casserole. She is a pretty awesome cook. We missed the church service that morning because we forgot to put our laundry in the dryer from the washer during the night. Plus the dryer stopped working for a while, but we prayed over it and the Lord made got it running again. So we packed our things and chillaxed with Becky while we were waiting. When the clothes were done we started packing, said farewell to Becky, and left. Trevor’s aunt and grandma met with us for lunch at Logan’s Grill. They bought us lunch and fed us well. Jeffery and I split some mean ribs and they had some smoking bread rolls. It was our last time seeing his aunt and grandma for a while because we were leaving Lynchburg that day, so it was a nice heart felt goodbye. They were a huge blessing to us during our visit. It was getting pretty late when we finished lunch so we decided to walk few yards down to a Marriott Hotel where they gave us a discount because of what we were doing. The suite was super nice and fancy! God just keeps blessing!


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