February 9-15, 2016

…Walked about 14 more miles to Fort Sumner, New Mexico. A small town with a proud history where the famous outlaw “Billy The Kid” was died and was buried. We ended up eating at a restaurant/bar called Frank’s and chilled there until close. We got to talk to the bartender there named Robert and while we were walking to look for a place to stay further in town he pulled over and offered a place in his small RV parked in his backyard. We got to talk to him and his wife around a campfire they lit for us about Jesus. Turns out they were believers as well and we got to pray for him and wife. The Holy Spirit really used what we said to bring some clarity in their relationships with God. As much as we wanted to stay, we felt God leading us to not stay there for the night for some reason. We explained what we were feeling and they totally understood. So we walked until we were almost outside of the town. Turns out there was a motel right at the edge of town, and ended up going there. The motel owner, Tito, was one of the kindest people we have met and he gave us a cheap rate for the night.

…The following day Tito invited us over for breakfast that he cooked up for and it was pretty stellar. We decided to stay a two more nights and two other nights Tito let us stay for free two nights after. He fed us dinner and another breakfast within that spanse of time. Besides the motel, Tito owned a restaurant beside the motel called, “Tito’s Burritos.” No wonder his food was so delicious! He loved to cook for people. During our time there we got a package at the post office from our parents that contained new hiking boots for Jonathan, two pairs of goggles to protect our eyes from dust, and tent pegs to replace the ones we broke or lost. We also relooked and organized our gear and mailed some things home. We got to do our laundry, update the website, transfer GoPro footage, grocery shop for the next walking quest, and etc. We then left Sunday to continue to the next town Vaughn, New Mexico, which is about a 56 mile stretch.

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