February 8, 2014

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Today Trevor’s aunt Sidney was going to pick us up at the campus library to help her work on uncle Bob’s ramp for his hover round. In the morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, and talked with Marjune and Bryan. They prayed for us before we left. When we got to the Library, Sidney was already waiting for us. As we were packing the car we meet these two girls who also heard of us because of the church Oasis. They were super sweet and they gave us some raspberry Hershey Kisses. They were tasty. Sidney drove us to her house and made us lunch. After lunch Jeffery and I started to work on the ramp for Bob while Trevor was fixing his shoes. It took us until dark to get the ramp finished and it worked pretty good. The scooter went up and down smoothly without breaking the ramp. It was a blessing helping them. That night we had a place to stay. Zach the guy we met at Starbucks had a place for us, but it wasn’t at his place because it did not work out with his roommate. So he took us to a used to be community home. Zach called a guy named Caleb who lives in the basement of the house with his wife. They were not home though but they let us stay with a babysitter. Her name was Becky and she is one of the coolest babysitters in town. We got to talk with her for a long time. Randomly there was a sauna in the house and after talking with Becky, Trevor, Jeffery, and I jumped right in. It was one of the best things ever and we had a great man to man talk. After the sauna we said goodnight to Becky and went to bed.


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