February 7, 2014

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We woke up this morning to a note that was slid under the hotel door. The front desk lady last night gave us 20 dollars. She wrote on the note about how much our faith and journey inspired her. It was very sweet. We left the hotel and made our way to the campus book store again to catch up on the website and post pictures. In the bookstore we met an awesome fellow named Zach, who was working at Starbucks. He had a healthy beard and long hair. He told us that if we couldn’t find a place that he could set us up. We got to talk to a lot of people at the bookstore who thought we were interesting. Later that day, we got to hang out with Ashley for an hour. We got to share each others testimonies and stories. It was awesome. She also invited us to a concert downtown that evening. She had to go and make some errands, but she told us that we could walk to her dorm in about hour. It was only 5 minutes away. While we were waiting we got to talk to a girl named Abby and she really encouraged us about suffering for Christ. She also blessed us with money. Later we walked to Ashley’s dorm and met some of her friends. We then went to the concert. We had a little trouble finding the building where the concert was, but we eventually found it. It was at a church cafe and Ashley paid for us. The band was called Dogwood and Holly. They were a bluegrass/folk kind of band and they were awesome, especially there one song called “El Shedai.” Look them up! Afterwards we got to talk to the band and they gave us a free album. They were really down to earth kind of people and they actually attend Liberty. During our time at the cafe, we got to talk to a lot of people there that were interested in what we were doing. Later that night we stayed at a house that 3 guys rented. Ashley knew them and a guy named Cory drove us to the house. He was an really cool guy and we we only got to talk with him a little bit. Wished we could have talked longer but he had to go. When we got everything in the house we said goodbye to our good friend Ashley. She was such a big help to us and supporter. We really appreciate all that she blessed us with. The guys we stayed with names were Jason, Bryan, and Marjune. They did not know our whole story or expect us to have all this hiking equipment they just heard from Ashley that we were just a few guys looking for a place to stay. It was pretty funny. So we told them what we were doing and they asked us some questions. We talked and got to know each other a lot. They were pretty rad guys. They told us that we could help ourselves to anything in the kitchen and Jason cooked us dinner. We then after a long talk went to bed.


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