February 6-7, 2015: Recording Some Videos

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….Phil drove us back early in the morning to Watermark Community church before heading to work in the morning. At the church we decided to read and while we were reading we ran into Taylor, one of the video producers for the church. If we were up for it, he wanted to record our story for the day. We felt like it was a good idea, so we met up with him and his video partner for lunch and then afterwards began recording. They recorded us doing our normal daily routine of walking, meeting, and ministering to people. Later we went to Taylor’s house where he recorded us talking about our story and how the trip came to be where it was today. Taylor and his roommate opened up their house for us to spend the night….

…In the morning we all had breakfast and made our back to Watermark church and began walking. We made it several miles down the road before my (Jonathan) parents came to pick us up. My parent’s attended Christ for the Nations Institute in south Dallas where they first met back in 1986, and since we were walking through Dallas they took it as an opportunity to come visit us and revisit Christ for the Nations for some reminiscing memories. After they picked us up they drove us to the campus where there were several apartments for alumni visitors or guest speakers. We got to stay in one of the small apartments for a couple of days with my parents as they showed us around the campus…

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