February 6, 2014

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After leaving the Super 8 motel in the morning we went to the Liberty campus and decided to catch up on the blog and pictures. We sat in the lobby and throughout the day got to talk to multiple people. We met a really cool young couple who really challenged us with hearing Gods voice. We ate lunch with them. We met another guy named CT who was about our age. He was very good at creating videos. We got to encourage him a lot and prayed for him. After he left we kept doing our thing. Eventually we got hungry for some dinner at Hearties and while packing a girl named Ashley came up and asked us if we were A Church Of Us. She heard about us because she attends the Oasis church where we camped out the other day. She also started following us on Instagram. We got to talk with her for a while, and was super excited, but it was short and she had to go. For dinner we went to Hearties and ate burgers. We decided to stay the night at a Stay America hotel that night and prayed over the room, then it was nap time.


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