February, 5-8, 2016

…. Got to sleep a few hours under the picnic table, which was actually probably one of the best sleeps I’ve had. It was pretty warm that night. For breakfast and bible study we went back to the restaurant and used the wifi there to work on some things. We left at a later time and walked a few miles to camp on the side of the road. It was a pretty cold night and it was hard to sleep, we were waiting in anticipation just for the sun to rise! It wasn’t as cold as the winter in Virginia but it was pretty dang cold! God gave us energy to walk the following day though, for a long stretch. That night we slept in Trevor’s tent to make sure we were warm, and we were! Minus the cold there are always the stars, and they are really clear out here, which is a thing we are thankful for…

…Since it was Sunday the following day we decided to keep the tent set up and read the bible for pretty much the whole day. This is the only time we have done this during the whole trip. It was really nice just to rest in God’s goodness. It also got really warm during the day which was nice being able to wear muscle shirts and shorts for the first time in a long time. The next day we walked past a very tiny small town called Taiban, New Mexico. Only a couple houses and abandoned buildings were there and a post office. We walked a little further and camp on a well elevated land far of the road. As the sun was setting we got to see the silhouette of some big mountains far off. That’s how you know you are in the west, also you can include the canyons, rocky terrain, and pointy plants. It’s awesome to be tested in times like these where you do not have many comforts at hand and you rely on the gift of perseverance, but it gets you more comfortable with the one comforts you in all things. Jesus is the only true comfort at the end of the day. You can have nothing yet have everything…

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  • Carol says:

    You continue to amaze me. Thanks f o r your updates. I hope you make a book of this trip. I have had a hard winter. Craig, my husband, has been really sick but thankfully he is doing better. Then my only sister passed away with a major stroke. I am missing her so much. She’d a lot of tears. I do know she is with Jesus. Thankful for that. Someday we will be reunited. Michigan’s winter has been an easy one. Yea. I met you last July in Knoxville where my grandson was being married. I follow you and wonder how you can do this. Amazing. Blessings. Carol

    • Sorry for such a late reply! Thank you so much for the encouragement! We are sorry to here about your family, keep trusting Jesus, he is the perfect comforter in every season of life little or small. To God be all the glory we can not do this without him!

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