February 5, 2014

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After leaving the Bestway Inn in the morning we got to see Sandy again! She was at a hot dog stand selling dogs. It’s a family business. It was quite the surprise seeing her right across the street from the Inn selling some hot dogs and she gave us free ones! After talking to her we went to subway and spent time in the word of God and ate our hot dogs. We then walked about 10 miles to Lynchburg and went to Liberty University’s bookstore. When we arrived someone called Trevor’s name and it was Noelia from the Oasis church! Her and Angel were at the bookstore working on church stuff and we happened to show up right where they were sitting. So we got to talk with them for a while and later Andrew, a guy we met a couple days before in Liberty, showed up and wanted us to stay with him. He had to go meet some guys for a Bible study and had to leave, but he told us that the campus church meeting was happening that night and suggested that we go. So, we went to the church and really enjoyed the message. Afterwards we went out in the lobby and waited for Andrew to let us know if we could stay at his place for the night. We talked to a lot of people interested in our journey while we were waiting. Later Andrew called and told us that it did not work out staying at his place for the night, but he bought us a motel room down the road from the church. He is such an uber awesome humble man of God and we could not thank him enough for all that he has done for us. After we got to the motel we worked a little bit on some stuff and ate a late dinner. I am truly amazed at Christians going out of their way to help their fellow Christian family. Serving each other is serving the Lord.

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