February 5-12, 2017

…From the Pacific Crest trail we got back onto Route 66 and continued to walk through the mountain pass. The desert eventually became more alive. The sprouts of grass that we saw every now and started to show up everywhere, reminding us of the east coast. Trees were also all over the mountain ranges. We found a camp spot off the road, on a patch of long grass and pitched a tent. We woke up at 3 in the morning, packed our stuff and left around 4 am to walk 12 miles to a church called Hillside Community Church in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The service was really awesome and the security gaurds let us park our strollers outside the building and kept an eye out for them. After the service a guy named Chris let us camp out back behind the building on their baseball field. We went out to eat and then came back later to set up camp. The following day we woke up early and went to a McDonald’s. It was raining while we were packing and continued pretty much the whole day. Chris, the guy we met at the church, got in contact with a family and they gave us a call to see if we wanted to stay with them for the night. They were only about 2 miles away so we walked to their house. Their names were Glenn, Susie, and they also had a son named Blake. They fed us dinner once we got their and we had a fun time getting to know them. Jonathan’s aunt, was planning to come and take us on a surprise trip and it was easier for her to pick us up in Rancho Cucamonga, so they let us stay until his aunt picked us up the following day. They gave us quite the California experience, mostly with food. They treated us to fish tacos and sushi. We had a great time. Victoria picked us up, with her friend Krystle and Krystle’s mom in the morning the next day. They took us on a surprise trip to Slab City, California to visit Salvation Mountain. It was awesome! It took a man 30 years to make it and it is all about Jesus and God’s love for the world. Victoria thought it was fitting for what we were doing. We then drove back to her place where we have been staying since. We were about a week and half ahead of schedule to make it to Huntington Beach so we are trying to stall so that we can make it in time for our parents to fly out and see us jump in the ocean. Only about two weeks left! The countdown begins!

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  • Hugh says:

    You two continue to inspire me with every update. I am humbled but yet so proud we met and prayed together. My youngest two daughters were immersed baptized at Hillside in Lubbock, TX. Small world and all belongs to Him.

    God Bless and safe travel,

    Hugh ☘

    • Jonathan Stoltzfus says:

      Thank you Hugh and praise the Lord! You must be proud! We walked through Lubbock on our way across. It was a cool town! Thank you for being such an encouragement to us!! Miss you brother!

      God bless,
      Jonathan and Trevor

  • Chiaeh (Jieh) An says:

    Wow, amazing! PTL! Very excited, inspired, and encouraged for all that God has done thru your guys’ journey! It was such a blessing to meet you guys! 🙂

  • Pastor Bob Williams says:

    We are still with you Guys in the Spirit thankful for your testimony and safety. Anticipating your jump in the west coast and consumption of your trip. Anticipating reading the book you are going to publish regarding your adventure with Christ. Stanton Baptist Church Stanton. TN near Brownville 65 miles west of Memphis. Bob Williams Pastor

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