February 4-5, 2015: Hanging with Some Jesus’ Loving Texans

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…A lot of people suggested one church to go to in Dallas called Watermark Community Church, and we managed to contact them before heading out this morning. They were excited to here our story and were more than happy to find a place to stay amongst them. But turns out a youth group back in Rockwall, a previous town we walked through, called Cornerstone, wanted us to speak to their youth group. Isaac, the youth pastor, contacted us a couple days earlier and we agreed to speak there. So, we made it to Watermark and met Phil, who was stoked to meet us. We told him of our situation and that we would be dropped back off tomorrow morning if he wanted to hang out and encourage each other. He was cool with that. We managed to talk to him and one of his buddies before the Cornerstone worship leader came to pick us up. When we got to the church we met with Isaac and prayed for the service. Isaac had us come up front and we had a question and answer sort of flow to the sermon. Afterwards we went out with all the kids to a burger place and got to hang out with a few of the awesome youth leaders and students. We spent the night at the worship leader’s dorm in Denton, TX…

….(Sorry I forgot all these names!) The worship leader, girlfriend, and friend took us out to lunch at a Texan burger place, because Texas is of course known for their burgers. They were a fun gathering of friends to be around for part of the day. They drove us back to Watermark where we met up with Phil and spent the rest of the day with him. We did a bible study where he took and taught us through main points of the Old Testament. During our time at Watermark we got to meet a lot of people who heard about the trip. Phil took us back to his apartment to set up his air mattresses and we went to a fundraiser for a missionary couple going to Ethiopia. They were selling art at a fancy winery for the fundraiser. We ordered pizza and shared it amongst ourselves. Phil introduced us to some of his friends whom we got to share stories with. After we finished dining we went back to Phil’s apartment and got to meet a friend of Phil who lived in the same apartment complex. God gave her a gift of singing and playing the guitar, it almost made Trevor and I cry a little bit. Trevor then showed one of his songs which of course was awesome and spirit filled. It was getting pretty late by the end of it, so we went back up to Phil’s apartment to get some sleep. It was a great time being able to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ!

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