February 4, 2014

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We woke up this morning being surprised by someone from the church. She pulled in when we got out of our tents and walked over to us. Her name was Angel and she was the church secretary. She thought it was pretty random that three men walking across the country were camping on their church property, which was pretty random. But she invited us inside for some devo time (devotional time), food, and showers after were finished packing. So, we got to have a great and inspiring devotional time with Angel and other church administrators; Noelia, one of the media directors and Angel’s sister; Brian, a tech and sound director; and Camesh, another secretary/youth leader (sorry if I got these wrong). They all are super fun super cool people to be around. They took some pictures with us in front of the church before we left and Brian showed us the church sanctuary. The church is called Oasis. Check them out! They are pretty awesome and full of God’s love. After all that, we started walking towards Lynchburg. We were just outside of the city when we got to meet a lady named Sandy. She got us excited because she was excited for what we were doing and she prayed for us. We also prayed with her and when we had to go she told us she would try and make a huge shout out for us. For dinner we ate at Pizza Hut and had an amazing waitress named, Jessica who paid for half of our food and bought us dessert. After dinner we went to stay the night at the Bestway Inn. When we got inside we had some intense prayer for God’s presence to fall on that room and cast anything not of God out. God showed up and there was peace so we went to bed shortly after. God is more powerful then the most powerful and super fearing.

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