February 3-4, 2017

….Ronald came back in the morning around 8:30 and gave us some treats to take on the road before leaving. There was also a kind lady from the business next to Ronald’s who gave us some goodies. It consisted of Girl Scout cookies, Pringles, water bottles, and Gold Fish. It was a 9 mile walk until an hour before sunset. We attempted to ask a local hay feed business. We ended up talking to a really awesome guy named Jeremy who tried to reach out to his boss for permission. It didn’t work out though. From there we continued further down and found a spot off the side of the road in a burnt down forest. All the shrubs were charred and whithered due to a wild fire that passed through that area the previous summer. The next day we took a hike through the San Antinio Mountains. After this mountain pass we will be walking into the vast amount of cities off the southwestern coast and eventually into our final destination, HuntingBeach! It took a lot of steep uphill and downhill back roads to get there but it was only about two miles. We eventually ended up getting to a McDonald’s that was off the interstate and was a big stop for Pacific Crest hikers since the trail was right down the road from it. We ate a hearty fast food meal there and camped on the trail since it was the only route we could take to get back onto Route 66…

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