February 4, 2016

…From Clovis we walked about half way to Melrose, New Mexico and then the following day we made it to the town. It was a smaller town that had a restaurant and two gas stations. We met a young man about our age named Perry, who helped us out a lot in trying to find a place to stay for the night. It did not work out though. We stayed at the restaurant until close, still not sure where we were going to stay. There was a public park but it was of open passed a certain curfew. From the restaurant we went to a Allsup’s gas station which is 24 hours open, and sat at a picnic bench outside at the front of the building. We had a thought to ask if we could sleep under the bench, so we figured wouldn’t hurt to ask. Turns out they were more than fine letting us stay there as long as we want. So we threw a tarp over the table and rigged up a hobo picnic tent, and laid out sleeping mats and bags underneath it. It was actually quite spacious and warm. We slept like champs! God is so good!

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