February 28, 2014

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It was a cold night but, in the morning we got to enjoy the view from Mcafee’s Knob. We packed up and hiked down the mountain a little while after. This time we went down the fire trail which was shorter than the regular trail down and much easier to hike. After getting down the mountain we stopped a restaurant called The Home Place where they had family style serving. Family style serving means they have only a few choices to choose from but they keep giving refills of what your table has eaten of the same food. It was awesome because we had very little to eat that morning. After getting stuffed with food we went in the waiting room to wait on a call that would let us know if we had a place to stay that night. There was no call. Thankfully the owner of the restaurant let us actually stay in the waiting room for the night. His name was Harold and he let us use the bathrooms and we could have free drinks all night. We set up our sleeping bags on the floor and went to bed.


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