February 27, 2014

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We woke up at Lewis and Christine’s house and they provided us breakfast. After breakfast Lewis took us to the Subway where Paul picked us up the previous day. At Subway we got rid of more weight and we decided to get rid of the Chariot as well. It was a sad day, we have been through so much and been to so many places with the Chariot. After getting rid of some weight we started to hike up Mcafee’s Knob. It took us a while to get to the bottom of the mountain where the trail started to hike up. We got there pretty late because we miss judged the distance to get to the mountain. When we got to the trail and hiked up half way to a shelter along the trail. We made a fire and slept there during the night. It was a very peaceful detour from walking on busy highways and roads. God gave us an opportunity just to relax for a bit and enjoy creation.


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