February 25 - March 1, 2016

…We said our final farewell to pastor Roy at the baptist church and left Vaughn, New Mexico after stopping to get some supplies at an Allsup’s gas station. Since we left in the afternoon it took us another day to get to a town called Encino. We thought there was a gas station in the town, but turned out there was nothing really at all, so we camped right outside of town. Unfortunately since there wasn’t a gas station we couldn’t stock up on food and for the next town, Willard, which was about 36 miles, so we had to ration our food. But, we still managed to have just enough. We got to see some pretty cool stuff along the way to Encino like a random giant rock and a rock wall on the way to Willard. One day a rancher named, Jim stopped by in the morning and brought with him breakfast burritos, coffee, and water bottles to eat while we were on the hilly road to Willard. On Sunday we chilled on the side of the road in Trevor’s tent and took the day to rest and read the bible. On our way to Willard, beautiful mountains started to come into view and maybe about 7 miles outside the town, we saw random salt flats all around us. We had the blessing to vear off the road onto a hill and set up camp. You were able to see the mountains and the salt flats from where we were camping. It was surreally beautiful! The next day we would be walking into Willard. At one point Trevor’s right wheel on his jogging stroller blew out two times. We replaced it with a slime tire the second time and it worked! It was quite the 36 mile journey to Willard from Encino. Perseverance builds Godly character, which is a huge blessing if you recognize that it is a joy to suffer as Christ suffered so that we can be more and more like him! As a good father disciplines his children, so does our Heavenly Father so that our identity in him may grow stronger and stronger.

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