February 24 - ?, 2015

….The following morning we said goodbye to our new friends and Jonathan, the father and husband of the family, drove us to the airport. It was actually snowing in Texas and the roads were pretty rough, but thankfully we made it there safely. It took us a while to get the jogging stroller packaged and put onto the plane as a carry-on item. A lot of people were confused at what we were doing because we were wrapping the stroller in white plastic wrapping paper. It looked a little questionable, especially because we were at an airport. It turned out we were late for our flight, but when we got to the gate it was delayed for an hour or two, so we managed to make it on the plane. It took about 4 hours to fly home, and of course our families were excited to see us again. Ever since then we have been home. It is long process to remove the planter warts from Trevor’s heel, but they are getting better. Since we have been home we have had opportunities to speak at young adults groups and have had a couple of people interested in joining the walk! God has been good and faithful to us since we’ve been home and we are getting a lot of encouragement from our church families. It has been a good time of being refreshed in God’s word and his future plans for this trip. Thank you all again for your constant prayers and encouragement! Whenever God allows it we will be on the road again! Keep Trevor in your prayers! God bless!

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