February 24, 2014

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We walked to a Starbucks right across the street from the Days Inn in the morning. Today we felt like we needed to talk and hang out because we didn’t really have time to for the past couple of weeks. It has been pretty busy walking, meeting new people, and working on the website or Instagram. So we felt like today was just a day to relax and talk about life, things we could work on. We got to Starbucks and had a good honest talk to each other. While we were there, one of the employees working asked us what we were doing. Her name was Kyra and she was a follower of Jesus. We explained to her and she thought it was super cool and later her mom and brother came to talk to is about it. They were true followers of Christ and very encouraging to us. Her parents were also tent makers! Kyra and her husband live in Roanoke and she offered us a place to stay for the night. We declined but when we went to subway for dinner, Kyra and her husband also came not knowing we would be there. God is pretty awesome! So we talked with Kyra and her husband Paul, which both of them are our age and newly weds, and they offered us to stay again. We agreed and knew it was a divine appointment from the Lord for us to meet this couple. They also bought us food at Kroger’s and snacks for when we got to their house. At their house we had a real good time getting to know them better. They really have a heart for God and missions work for the broken hearted. We played a classic game called, Super Smash Bros., for the Nintendo 64, and afterwards we all went to bed.


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  • It’s so encouraging to hear of all these encounters! One the tricks of the enemy is to tell us that we are on our own or that there aren’t that many followers who are”all in”. This is the same tactic he used on Elijah after he had that showdown with the prophets of Baal.
    “Get behind us, Satan! We’re moving forward!”

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