February 21-23, 2015

…Before leaving, Sarah took us to the grocery store to get some fruit and granola bars for the trip ahead and then drove us back to the Chick-fil-A where we continued to walk into Fort Worth. We ended up stopping at an inn for the night. The next day Trevor was having problems with his foot, he had three planter warts on the bottom of it. He has had them for a couple months, but recently they had gotten worse and were really hurting him. So, we decided to take the day off and find plane tickets to go back home and get his feet healed before we started walking any further. We found very reasonably priced plane tickets for a ride home and bought them. We called a Calvary Chapel church not to far from the airport to see if they could pick us up for tomorrow’s Sunday service. The pastor called us back and offered to pick us up. The next morning he came and took us to their church. He invited us to speak and share our story to the congregation. After the service a young couple about our age took us in for the night and offered to drop us off at the airport in the morning. We stayed with them for the rest of the day. They had 3 awesome crazy fun kids that played with us throughout our time there…

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